Micro-moments, measurement and customized experiences

We are 100% focused on Google Ads Results

“Be seen by customers at the time they are looking for what you offer.”

In Clepsidra Agency we use an advanced methodology focused on data analysis. All of our team is certified in Google Ads and Analytics, has know-how and ability to achieve goals and KPIs. We believe in the importance of micro-moments and customized experiences.

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Google Ads
I want to know moments

Someone who browses or researches, but still has no purchase intentions, wants useful information and maybe even inspiration. Appearing in the search engine with the indicated keyword is a priority.

I want to go moments
Google My Business

People usually look for a local company or consider buying a product at a local store. Being present means having them consider going to your company at that time.

I want to do moments

They can occur before or after the purchase. In any case, these are “how I do it” moments when people want help to do something or try something new. Being present with the right content is key.

I want to buy Moments
Display & Remarketing
These are many, of course. Someone is ready to make a purchase and is likely to need help deciding to buy something or how to do it. You cannot assume that they will look for you; You have to be present with the correct information to close the deal.