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Foco, eficiencia y acci贸n: las tres claves de la Inteligencia Artificial y el machine learning

Ofrecer anuncios relevantes a escala ya es una realidad gracias a los avances tecnol贸gicos que brindan nuevas oportunidades de marketing.

C贸mo la b煤squeda m贸vil impulsa la experiencia de compra en la tienda

A pesar de lo que se dice, las tiendas f铆sicas no est谩n desapareciendo. De hecho, el 61% de los consumidores prefieren comprar productos de las marcas que tambi茅n cuentan con un comercio a la calle en lugar de las que solo se encuentran en l铆nea1. Esto se debe a que, a veces, uno necesita tener el art铆culo de manera inmediata. Casi el 80% de los consumidores ir谩n a un minorista cuando necesiten o deseen conseguir un art铆culo en el momento

Four ways to optimize your landing pages for conversions

Make your websites mobile-friendly

When visiting your site, customers expect an experience that is fast and well-designed 鈥 no matter the device they鈥檙e using. In a recent study, Google found that 81% of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from companies whose mobile sites or apps help them easily find what they鈥檙e looking for1. Optimizing the site experience for mobile usage is simply the new normal 鈥 and the brands who are more effective with this mobile optimization are seeing better business outcomes.

To make your site mobile friendly, run your landing pages through Google鈥檚聽Mobile-Friendly Test, which will give you the insights and resources you need to improve your pages鈥 mobile performance.

Get insights from Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives businesses the insights they need to deliver engaging site experiences. For example, which areas of your site are performing under expectations? Are certain landing pages turning more ad clicks into sales?

Analytics offers detailed reports that are specifically designed to help you better understand the performance of your landing pages.聽Just go to the Analytics sidebar, and click Behavior. Then, under the Site Content section, you鈥檒l see the landing pages report.聽From there you鈥檒l gain a deeper understanding of which landing pages are doing well and which need improvement.

Test and improve landing pages

Now that you鈥檝e identified which landing pages can be improved, you鈥檒l need a solution that helps your marketing team quickly launch and test site changes.聽Google Optimize enables you to make multiple versions of your site and see which version performs best 鈥 no coding required. For example, test different layouts of your shopping cart page to see if one version drives more conversions than the other.

Optimize is natively integrated with Analytics. Simply use your Analytics data to uncover what is and isn鈥檛 working on your site. You can then set one of your Analytics Goals as your Experiment Objective in Optimize 鈥 which is the metric you want to improve in your experiment. For example, if you are already measuring sales on your website as an Analytics Goal, you can set this as your Experiment Objective and monitor whether or not website sales improve.

Once your experiment is complete, you can view results in Optimize or do deeper analysis in Analytics. For example, see how the winning version of your site impacts your other business metrics, like revenue or time on site. You can also use your experiment data to create custom segments. A possible segment could include all users who saw a particular version of your site during your last experiment 鈥 then you can launch a new experiment to this segment to further optimize your site.

Testing with Optimize helps you build pages that offer better user experiences, drive more conversions, and provide a higher return on ad spend as a result.

Personalize your Google Ads campaigns

Delivering a more personal site experience for your users will put you on the path toward a better return on ad spend. Optimize natively integrates with Google Ads to help you create custom landing pages for the customers who reach your website from Google Ads. Getting started with personalized campaigns is simple:

  • Link Optimize to Google Ads
  • Create customized versions of your site based on your Google Ads campaign, ad group, or keyword
  • Launch multiple different versions of your site as an experiment to see which version drives more conversions
  • Optimize will calculate which page performs best for your customers

Spotify, a global audio streaming service, used Optimize to experiment with customized landing pages focused on users who searched 鈥渁udiobooks鈥 on Google. They first built a custom landing page that featured their wide selection of audiobooks alongside their original landing page that didn鈥檛 focus on audiobooks. After launching the experiment, they found that those who searched audiobooks and came to the custom page were more likely to buy a Spotify Premium subscription 鈥 and the custom page increased premium subscriptions to the tune of 24%.

Your customers expect a site experience that is fast, mobile-friendly, and suited to their needs. Optimize helps you deliver, giving you and your team the ability to create an experience that is seamless and relevant. And with Optimize integrated with Google Analytics and Google Ads, it鈥檚 easier than ever to build customized user journeys.


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